Making a girl want you can be a difficult thing. In fact, just getting her to look your way can seem downright impossible sometimes.

But you’re not one to give up, right?

However challenging it is to get a woman to fall for you, it CAN be done, and it can actually be a lot of fun if you’re the type who enjoys a challenge. If you’re ready to make a girl want you, keep reading and find out how the following tips can help you get her emotionally and sexually obsessed with you.

1. Act Like A Real Man

When you befriend a woman, don’t bend too low or you’ll lose your masculine edge. Without your masculinity, a woman cannot be attracted to you.

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It’s okay and totally cool to share interests with a girl, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all day at the spa getting your nails done, gossiping, and going shopping at the mall afterward. Make sure you maintain your manly interests. Don’t give up your friends, and be assertive.

Don’t forget your manners either. Treat her like a lady. This is pretty easy stuff: open doors for her, pull back the chair for her, and keep her warm when it’s cold.

2. Don’t Be Boring

To make a girl want you, it’s important to make life fun and be open to trying new things. Make your life an adventure and invite her to be a part of it.

Do some research and find some places close by that are out of the ordinary. Women get turned on by a man who is a little bit dangerous, so activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing, and rafting will get her blood pumping and create the type of bonding experience that will make her want you.

Steer clear of boring conversation topics. Get a feel for the topics she enjoys the most and keep those going.

3. Portray Strong Body Language

Powerful body language can make a woman want you without a single word being spoken. It works on a primal level and sets the foundation for other strategies to work.

Your body language absolutely must project confidence, an interest in her, and maturity. Good posture, an upright and relaxed walking style, strong eye contact, and slow, deliberate movements are the core attributes of body language that attract women. Avoid fidgeting and bouncing around like a gerbil with ADD. It makes you look nervous, and it’s creepy.

4. Be Yourself

Yeah, you’re sick of hearing it and we’re sick of saying it, but there’s a reason “be yourself” is repeated time and time again. It is very off-putting to women when a man tries to act cooler than he really is, pretends to be someone he’s not, or talks himself up as if trying to overcompensate for something.

Displaying a bit of vulnerability and humility earns big scores with women. Opening up and being vulnerable isn’t the same as being weak, so don’t confuse the two. It’s ok if you have flaws, fears, etc. These things only make you human which makes you more approachable and more genuine: two more qualities that make women want you more.

5. Take Good Care Of Your Body Image

While it’s true that looks are often overrated, it’s still important to take care of your body if you want women to desire you. This doesn’t mean you need the strength of the Hulk combined with the face of Brad Pitt to attract women.

Even if you are not a “looker”, you should still do what you can to look as good as possible. This starts with proper grooming techniques.

Get a stylish haircut, control facial hair, and wear clean clothes that actually fit your body. A man who takes good care of his body sends the message that he values himself. Women dig that. After all, if you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of her?

6. Don’t Be “Too Available” Or Possessive

It’s okay to be a good friend to a girl, but if you are too available or too needy, she’ll quickly relegate you to the friend zone. Once in the friend zone, it will be much harder to create sexual attraction and actually make her want you in the same way you want her.

Maintain your relationships with other friends and flirt a bit with other girls, too. If other women want you and find you attractive, it will make her want you that much more.  It’s ok to play a little hard to get to get her to think about you more.

Don’t get jealous or possessive if other men show interest in her. She doesn’t want a man who will try to control her. If you are too possessive, it will creep her out and she’ll avoid you as much as possible.

7. Be A Good Listener

One of the most common complaints women make about men is that they don’t listen. Women are naturally more talkative than men, and they need someone to listen.

Most of the time, a woman doesn’t want you to solve her problems. She just needs you to show that you actually care by listening to what she has to say without being distracted. Give her your full attention when you are hanging out and respond intelligently to what she says. It’s one more way you can make a girl want you more than any of her other suitors.